Calligraphy Art Studio founded in 2002, began offering calligraphic services that

still includes:

  • Addressing wedding envelopes
  • Lettering place cards for receptions and other events
  • Personalized note cards, Valentine cards, birthday, sympathy and special holiday cards
  • Resolutions
  • Marriage certificates, including Ketubah contracts (Jewish wedding contracts)
  • Items for newborns
  • Designing anniversary mementoes,
  • Hand-lettered quotes, Bible verses, poems and much more.

The calligrapher /watercolor artist paints movements of letters in abstract works and designs frames and borders for individual prayers, quotes, Bible verses, personalized note cards, wedding logos/initials using mostly gouache watercolors, dry pigments, various types of inks specifically for calligraphic materials as well as other types of media for use on watercolor papers.

Margaret has provided calligraphic help for churches by personalizing Bibles for Bible class graduates, designing bookmarks for the Bibles, designing and lettering resolutions for retiring ministers and other special gifts requiring a calligraphic hand.

An active member of Kaligrafos Calligraphy Guild since 2004, Margaret completed a year-long calligraphy/watercolor study under Reggie Ezell, Master Scribe from Chicago, IL. Other calligraphers Margaret has studied under include Barbara Close, Sherrie Lovler from California, Pamela Paulsard, Rosie Kelly, Belgium calligraphy, Yves Letreme and Madeline Durham from Santa Fe, NM to name a few.

Margaret's calligraphic art work has been exhibited at the Courtyard Gallery, Plano, TX, the Goodrich Gallery, First United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX; the former Frisco Fine Arts Gallery, Frisco, TX, Irving Arts Center and Jaycee Park Gallery, Irving, TX as well as the former Artists  Showplace, Dallas, TX.

Margaret Darphin Mall

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